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Our main concern is the assurance of the quality and safety of our products. Our product’s quality makes us stand out in the olive industry as we maintain the same quality levels all these 10 operation years as on the first day of our company’s existence. Our target is to raise clients’ satisfaction levels, achieving it not only with respect to our raw materials but also with continuous improvement of our products as we renew traditional processing methods through modern technologies, keeping our quality in best levels.

Our Company process and trade exclusively Green Olives of Chalkidiki and this allows us to achieve high levels of specialization. Specialization coupled with BRC standards of quality assurance and Kosher’s specs, lead us to produce unique products. 

Our History

The Company Kyrgiafinis Olives P.C., a family business founded in 2010 by Ioannis Kyrgiafinis, is located in Vrastama Chalkidiki Greece and is activated in the field of process and trade of Green Olives of Chalkidiki.

Our Products

Limited variety of products, high levels of quality and expertise.

Green olives chalkidiki pdo whole

Green olives chalkidiki pdo pitted

Green olives chalkidiki pdo natural

Our Olives

For us, raw materials are the most important thing, the begging of everything. So, we have our own olive groves from where originate more than half of our producing quantities. The other half came from loyal local farmers who supply us for many years their best products. The company Kyrgiafinis Olives P.C. produces only PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Olives to keep its main concern untouched.
Many of our products is exported to European Union countries and United States of America.  

Our Goal

Our main aim is the continuous improvement, our facilities and methods’ renewal and our company’s expansion to new markets, with respect to our traditions and maintaining our unique products’ quality.

If you deconstruct Greece, you will in the end see an olive tree, a grapevine, and a boat remain. That is, with as much, you reconstruct her
Odysseas Elytis


KYRGIAFINIS OLIVES P.C. basic milestone is the quality assurance and the observance of hygiene rules of its produced products. In this way, our company have been certified by Certificate of PDO, Certificate of Conformity BRC and Kosher.

All our processing methods are always environmentally friendly.


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